Debate on the Bill is scheduled for this Wednesday afternoon, 25th June around 4 PM. 

It will be interesting to hear what Mr. Brumby’s Labour colleagues could possibly have to say to support their ongoing unlicensed dumping of toxic spoil into the environment. What could they possibly say to justify that?  It should be a fascinating experience – and certainly worth hearing from the horses mouths what arguments they come up with. And it should give us a pretty good idea of the ethics of Mr. Brumby’s Upper House MPs, and who NOT to vote for in future.


Ms. Pennicuik's second reading speech is compelling - it’s going to be pretty hard for any of those MLCs to argue why toxic dumping should continue in the face of her well reasoned and reasonable arguments. See text of Sue speech at: http://tex.parliament.vic.gov.au/bin/texhtmlt?form=VicHansard.dumpall&db=hansard91&dodraft=0&house=COUNCIL&speech=67258&activity=Second+Reading&title=PORT+SERVICES+AMENDMENT+%28DISPOSAL+OF+MATERIAL%29+BILL&date1=11&date2=June&date3=2008&query=true%0a%09and+%28+data+contains+'PENNICUIK'+%29%0a%09and+%28+members+contains+'PENNICUIK'+%29%0a%09and+%28+hdate.hdate_3+=+2008+%29%0a%09and+%28+hdate.hdate_2+contains+'June'+%29%0a


So, come along to Parliament House around 4 PM this Wednesday 25th.  Check www.electedgreensvictoria.org.au (where you will find Sue’s YouTube showing Boskalis grab dredge Goomai at work excavating toxic material from the Yarra) or call Ms. Pennicuik’s office in advance on 9530 8399 for further advice on timing of the debate. 


19th Century scenery and 19th Century technology at work…….World’s best practice?

Photo: A. McCutcheon. Words M. Hayes


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