4th December 2012

PoMC can have its $100 million Environmental bond back when we get our beach back!

Join us at Portsea Pier 12 Noon Tuesday 4th December 2012

The Port of Melbourne Corporation is due to get its $100 million Channel Deepening Environmental bond back very soon, because all the science the Port Corporation has produced says everything is fine and there are no lasting impacts from the biggest dredging project ever undertaken in the Bay.

PoMC says problems at Portsea beach are cyclical and weather related, and that beaches come ago.

Sure – we agree that beaches come and go.

But Portsea Beach disappeared swiftly in 2009 and it hasn’t come back.

Now ocean swell regularly pounds the shore. All the shady trees and golden sands have gone - replaced with rocks and a massive sandbag wall. The once picturesque and safe family beach is just a memory.

All since deepening The Entrance and despite $millions of taxpayers dollars in “protective” works.

So….……. If PoMC is so sure Portsea Beach will come back, how about the environmental bond stays in State coffers until the beach comes back.

That’s fair isn’t it?

When Portsea beach comes back PoMC can have its bond back.

Win Win!

In the meantime, the $100 million can be earning interest for us taxpayers to offset what’s been spent trying to save the beach.

Join us at Portsea Pier at 12 Noon Tuesday 4th December. We’ll have a bucket of money that we’ll hand back to the PoMC when Portsea beach comes back.

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