“Swim For the Bay”

As the swim, scheduled for 28th October, drew nearer, a decision was taken due to bad weather predicted for the Sunday, to move it both in time and in place.
An attempt was made to notify all the relevant parties. If you were one that missed out, please accept our sincere apologies.
Chloe McCardel, our international long distance swimmer, came up with the alternative herself and it was decided that she should make the attempt to swim the forty kilometres under the protection of the Brighton Sea Baths.
On retrospect the decision was the right one. Sunday proved to be gusting gale force winds and the attempt would definitely have had to be abandoned.
As it was, 7am on Saturday came around very quickly. Chloe had spent the week preparing and the morning was sensational. Channel Seven News were soon on the scene and just before 7am Chloe made her entry to the baths. Thank you to Damien and Andrea for staying with us for nearly two hours to take the time to interview Jo, Sue and Chloe and get some terrific footage that was to be used on the 6 o’clock news.
Chloe set a cracking pace of around 4 km per hour and kept this up for the entire time, taking short breaks only for food and drink. A little wind came up in the afternoon and Chloe had a little trouble with her neck in the wetsuit but all in all she achieved 36 km before leaving the water at 5pm. More importantly she achieved what she set out to do, that is, focusing everyone’s thoughts on our bay and what a great asset it is for all of us.
Her main objective for her swim was to be the spokesperson for all users and swimmers in the bay to say to Government that they are unhappy with the prospect of going through the summer with beach closures and toxic plumes in the water.
Fantastic job, Chloe! We all thank you for making this happen, especially at a time when there is so much controversy over the issue. Blue Wedges salutes you!
Andrew King, for the Swim Team.

Chloë with Toby and Jo.

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