To whom this may concern,

my name is Daniel noss and I am 10 years old. I am very concerned with the dredging because it will kill thousands of sea creatures make more pollution,destroy animals homes and put most charter boats out of business.

My older sister worked on a swim with the dolphins charter boat she is also deeply concerned. The boat was built in 1961 and she had 7 different service rolls ,l am scared that the boat will go out of business. I have been out on the boat four seasons (thats when my sister started working on the boat). I feel thrilled to go out on the boat most days. I love that boat,never had a bad day on that boat. My family even make friends before the boat takes off.

Its not only the boat I love, I love the beaches to, I love the soft sand and refreshing water, but then the when the dredging takes place we will have rocky and gritty beaches and lots of seaweed to.l have lived here all my life and this is worst thing to happen to port Phillip bay by far in my life time and I dont want anything to change.

If I can help in any way to stop the dredging ,contact me, and I will do so.

thank you
 by Daniel noss

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