PO Box 162
                                    Vic 3936
                                    6th June 2007

Dear Daniel,

Thank you very much for your letter about your concerns about the dredging in Port Phillip Bay. It is great to know that you are thinking about how wonderful our Bay is and how important it is that it not be damaged by dredging.

It sounds like you have a great life spending time on the Bay with your sister while she works on the Dolphin Swim boat. The boat sounds fantastic.  I suppose you are lucky enough to see dolphins regularly. Not many people are that lucky, so it is important that dolphins are protected so that people can enjoy seeing them for many years to come– and of course it is important that dolphins are protected just because they have the right to a safe life.

I live in Dromana on the other side of the Bay to you. I was born here, and went away for a while, but came back because being close to the Bay is very important to me too, just like it is for you. I was really worried when I learned about the dredging so that’s why I decided to do something about it – just like you have.

If you would like to help some more here are a few suggestions that you might like to have a think about:

  • Write a letter to Mr. Bracks, the Premier of Victoria, telling him about your concerns for the Bay. It would be very interesting for Mr. Bracks to hear what young people think about the dredging.
  • A similar letter could go to the Victorian Environment Minister, Mr. Thwaites. (Their addresses are on the Victorian government website.)
  • Take some photos when you are on the boat and enclose them with the letters
  • Have a talk to your teacher about your class doing a project on the dredging, and perhaps you could use some of your photos. You are welcome to also use some photos from our website www.bluewedges.org
  • Send us one of your favourite photos of the Bay to put on our website.
Thanks again for your letter Daniel. Your help will make it easer to Save the Bay!
Jenny Warfe
Blue Wedges Inc.

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