January 2020

Sure it has been a long time, and so much has happened, but the disaster which is Portsea beach is the problem that just keeps on giving.


January 2016

New expert opinion is that the expensive taxpayer funded sand bag and rock walls at Portsea beach are not the best solution after all!

December 2015

Victoria University research has implicated the dredging and dumping of over 3 million tonnes of toxic and contaminated sludge in the Bay as a cause of high levels of toxins found in the blood of Bay Penguins.

June 2015

We are still keeping an eye on the Bay, and all the argy bargy about where to put another container port. More on that later. For now we want to tell you about massive erosion that has occured in the south of the Bay.

November 2014

More works to try to beat back the waves at Portsea.

November 16th 2014

A bunch of expert consultants is either having a joke, or have produced a very provocative pre-election Blue Wedgie ....

November 2nd 2014

Plans for a massive container port at Hastings is economic irrationalism. Read on!

September 2014

We need your help to save Westernport Bay from the dinosuars who want massive port expansion including brown coal exports from LaTrobe Valley to China and India being part of the business case for the project.

April 2014

Judging by recent media reports it seems the Libs and Labs have descended into an unedifying blue about where they think a massive new port should be.

April 2014

Victorian National Parks Association is running its second Westernport focused seminar in Hastings on Tuesday evening 15th April.

Entitled ‘Westernport: A Bay on the brink’, the free seminar will focus on the potential impacts that port expansion could have on the internationally significant ecosystem of Westernport, its seagrass, salt marsh and mangrove communities and the species that rely on them.

December 2013/January 2014

Summer is here and we are heading for the coast. We really do hope you enjoy your time at the beach, but as you watch ships pass by, often close by, take note of the plume of filthy smoke they belch out and consider this piece published in Crikey in 2009.

December 2013

Documents that Blue Wedges obtained last year using Freedom of Information revealed that the former Brumby government had plans for Hastings which included coal exports in the business case. Given the Napthine government is using project costs and projected trade volumes for an expanded Hastings that are almost identical to the Brumby plan, it is pretty likely that coal is still on the agenda.

September 2013

Consultants Asia-Pacific Applied Science Associates found a high probability that spilt oil would spread widely and quickly across Western Port's globally recognised waters.

August 2013

Blue Wedges members recently met with the Minister for Ports, David Hodgett.

It’s seven years since community groups started raising the alarm about the then Brumby government’s proposed rail and road corridors to the Port of Hastings. Now The Age is all over it.

April 2013

Yesterday Dr. Napthine was all over Hastings.

March 2013

4th December 2012

PoMC can have its $100 million Environmental bond back when we get our beach back!

3rd December 2012

We've been off line for way too long - but we're back!

June 2012

It was strenuously argued by the PoMC, the state government, the shipping industry and business groups such as VECCI, that the whole raison d’être of the project was to allow unfettered access for ships of up to 14 metres draught on all states of the tide at The Rip in all but the most extreme metocean conditions. If we couldn’t do that, Melbourne would “wither on the vine” said Mr. Brumby.

June 2012
Ever since we first reported that Portsea beach was on the slide back in 2008, conditions there have continued to slide.

April 2012

As we’ve known since we first looked at export/import data back in 2004, PoM’s biggest export is empty containers, and has been for many years.

March 2012

Premier Baillieu might be considering selling the Port of Melbourne for a mere $2.4 billion.

March 2012

Despite the dubious need for those deeper channels, PoMC proudly announced the successful completion of maintenance dredging on March 8th

January 2012

Anecdotally, since Christmas we’ve had numerous comments that the water condition in the Bay this year is the worst it has been for many years.

January 2012

As the sun set on the Brumby regime back in 2010, Rosebud Pier beach also copped a futile but expensive “makeover”

December 2011

On a cold and windy October night some hardy souls attended the Port of Melbourne Corporation’s Rosebud information session on the Corporation’s plans for the next 10 years.

January 2012
The amazing demise of Portsea beach since Channel Deepening is still there for all to see.
The Baillieu government has issued an enthusiastic statement reconfirming its support for a massive expansion of the Port of Hastings
It’s uncanny that while the business a usual brigade pump themselves up for their onslaught in and around Western Port, the Rena container vessel is still stuck on a reef in NZ’s Bay of Plenty, leaking oil from a gaping tear in its side and much of its cargo strewn on the seabed, in the water or littering the nearby coastline.
The Liberian flagged container vessel Rena now disgorging its oil and containers into the Bay of Plenty in New Zealand was in Port Phillip Bay on 19th and 20th September.
The stricken container vessel MV Rena now listing dangerously in New Zealand’s Bay of Plenty was last in Melbourne only a few weeks back on 19th and 20th September.
What certainly has changed since channel deepening is Portsea beach and the strength and frequency of ocean swell now able to enter the Bay and pound on Portsea’s shoreline.
Port of Melbourne Corporation’s 20th July Notice to Mariners, imposing new restrictions on shipping when transiting the Rip looks like their dreams of "all tide access" for 14 metre draught vessels has come crashing down! 
Today we’ve released a joint media statement endorsed again by the sixteen national and local community groups who joined together last November.
Just when you thought it was safe to put away your red gear.......
Ever since dredging enlarged the entrance to the Bay, ocean swell has pounded in through The Heads and Portsea beach has been on the slide. It’s still happening.
This commentary from an expert fisherman and BW supporter is sobering indeed.  
Blue Wedges congratulates Melbourne Water for their initiative in planning and sponsoring the Western Port Science Review Seminar held in Pakenham on 5th April 2011.
4th March 2011. The Victorian Auditor General’s Report "Environmental Management of Marine Protected Areas" tabled this week (March 2nd) in Parliament sounds the alarm on who is (NOT) protecting our marine environment! 

March 4th 2011. We were amazed this week to hear Tim Pallas (previously the Minister for Ports and now Opposition spokesperson for Ports) is now sounding the alarm on how costly it might be to develop the Port of Hastings.

March 2011. It’s been quite a while since our last update, but we haven’t gone away. We suppose though that the Department of Sustainability (DSE) and the Office of Environmental Monitor (OEM) had hoped their problem of the disappearing Portsea beach might have gone away….Well their problem hasn’t gone but the beach has! 
Blue Wedges joins 15 other National and local groups in calling for a halt to government's ill-conceived Port of Hastings expansion plans
State government's addiction to coal exports is a bad sign for Westernport says Greens candidate for Hastings Catherine Manning. 
Are you wondering why the end of dredging has been announced yet again? So are we!
The tide is certainly rising, especially in the South of the Bay, but it is really the marked increase in the swell – surge of water through The Heads – which has increased so dramatically since dredging at the Entrance.
Portsea beach continues to disappear at an alarming rate – in spite of generally benign weather conditions. 

This "big" ship is just another PR puff piece! 

Judging by the many comments we are still receiving, it seems some changes in the Bay are happening more rapidly in the last year than observers have ever remembered.
The Times  gives the shipping industry a well deserved poke for its unashamedly outmoded and polluting ways.
Yes, we are still going on about toxins because ……..If PoMC was so far under budget, it makes you wonder why they didn’t splash just a little bit of some cash on responding to the calls for testing of Yarra sediments for radionuclides. They keep telling us how much they care about the Bay, and it would have cost only a tiny fraction of the money they “saved”.
PR merchants are studiously ignoring the fact that dredging and dumping of contaminated spoil from the Yarra will continue for another 2 years. In reality we are really only half way through a continuous four year dredging event – of which it is impossible to yet know the environmental and economic consequences.

Contrary to what this week’s media circus reported, dredging is not over.

You must have joined the dots by now……. We are stoking the fire on climate change!

Reports of dramatic and sudden changes to beaches and coastline are rolling in....Here's some of the recent pics we have been sent.

Our beaches are a mess ...... but so is the Port!  
Recently the rate of erosion and changes to beach profile are unprecedented. 
As much as we would like to say the dredges have gone, it’s simply not true! In spite of the Queen of the Netherlands leaving the Bay, dredging is still well and truly underway – and will be for a long time to come

Last week Mr. Brumby and PoMC called a press conference to talk up the unimportant, irrelevant departure of the Queen of the Netherlands . This week they are silent about new scientific reports of extensive damage to unique sponge gardens at the Entrance. 

One cm increase in water levels can mean up to 1 metre inundation on flat land!

Bayside residents down south are getting mightily sick of the sight, noise and smell of two massive dredges and their support vessels grinding away day and night.
Fish tested in the recently released Yarra fish study were consistently leaner than the test group caught in 2006 before dredging commenced. Many were 30 to 40 per cent lighter. What isn’t clear is WHY the fish were leaner.
Several regular Bay watchers have said they thought the dredge was outside its usual area from time to time. It seems they were right.
Many impacts from two years of dredging will be long term and subtle, and some may be pretty obvious. What is pretty obvious is that as the global financial crisis spirals downwards, the “business as usual” 5% per annum growth to 2035 that PoMC used to justify channel deepening is looking like a distant dream. Meanwhile as the economy takes a battering so too has the coastline of Port Phillip Bay.   

The lack of baby anchovies in Port Phillip Bay could threaten the second largest tourist attraction for international visitors in Australia -- Victoria's multi million dollar Phillip Island Penguin Parade. 

So far, Boskalis and PoMC have admitted oil spills and rockslides, and with dredging set to continue for the rest of 2009, there's no reason to be complacent.  

The Office of Environmental Monitor (OEM) continues to avoid answering the hard question....where is the data on Yarra radionuclides?

The recent Queensland oil spill is a salutary reminder of what the shipping industry can inflict on our waterways.
All the current news on the global financial crisis really makes you wonder why we are steaming ahead with channel deepening.

Recent opinion[1] that so far dredging has had no impacts is plain wrong. The Bay does look wonderful at present, especially in the South – precisely because there has been no dredging for several months.

So here’s some damage that has already occurred:

The news is bad for the PoMC and its channel deepening fiasco. Container throughput is spiralling downwards and imported car numbers have dropped a massive 33% . 

Now we understand why the PoMC's glossy advertising campaign has been everywhere for the last few weeks.
Technology exists to clean and recycle contaminated sediment.....but the PoMC has been allowed to stir up millions of tonnes of toxic sediment, perhaps even with radionuclides in it, and dump it again in the Bay – right near where we live, swim, fish and sail.

Sad isn’t it that the PoMC can spend perhaps $millions on jaunty advertising, but not a few thousand dollars to test Yarra sediments for radionuclides.

Yarra dredging has been ongoing despite radionuclide issues being unresolved. The CoZa's return will step it up further.  

Since July, Blue Wedges has called for Yarra sediments to be tested for radionuclides. Why? Because from the 1940s to the 1960s CSIRO pioneered the processing of Uranium in Lorimer St. Fishermen's Bend....and the nearby Yarra sediments are currently being dredged and dumped in the Bay. 

Did you know that from the 1940's to the 1960's uranium was shipped into and out of Port Melbourne? 

......Possibly more in line with what scientists NOT employed by the PoMC have been warning since the first EES in 2004 we suspect!

CSIRO pioneered uranium processing at 506 Lorimer Street Fishermens Bend (next to the Yarra) where, from the 1940s to 1960s, experimentation on various radioactive materials was conducted.
Radionuclides omission summary
506 Lorimer Report 1990

When the recent rockfall breach occurred, Mick Bourke, EPA chair and Head of the Office of Environmental Monitor (OEM) managed to sound quite annoyed that he had not been notified sooner. Now it seems all such anger has been successfully suppressed and all is well, as usual, according to the OEM's famous "RULE BOOK", as handed to them by the Port Corporation.

The Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) yesterday wrote to Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands to alert Her Majesty to Dutch company Royal Boskalis’ failure to comply with the Channel Deepening Project’s “rule book”.

Revelations that radioactive waste may have been entering the Yarra River for decades has prompted some of Victoria’s major environment groups* to call for Premier Brumby and the EPA to immediately halt Yarra dredging until an investigation has been completed.

Last week the Federal Court awarded costs against Blue Wedges in its case against Environment Minister Peter Garrett. PoMC and the State of Victoria joined in the case, and have also won the right to pursue their costs. 
The ACF and Monash collaboration via the Orca monitoring program is bringing in its first results. And they are worth a close reading.

Dead fish floating in the Yarra near Newport is apparently not sufficient to stop PoMC dredging up toxins …so we are wondering if Mr. Brumby could tell just what needs to happen before he would call a stop to Yarra dredging.  

On Tuesday 24th June, the Queen of the Netherlands ugly little sister the Cornelis Zanen (CoZa) was moving toxins from the Yarra to the dump site in the middle of the Bay. The next day it was cleaning itself down south.

The Corporation must still be rather worried about its image as the lone dumper of toxic spoil as they are paying members of the public $70 to come along to an evening of “push polling”.

Mr. Brumby, and his mate Planning Minister Madden, the state “developers”, are making people as mad as hell!

Over 50 community and environmental groups including Blue Wedges, Your Water Your Say, Greenpeace, Public Transport Users Association, Friends of the Earth, Tradewatch and may others have signed up to be part of this huge event.
Debate on the Bill is scheduled for this Wednesday afternoon, 25th June around 4 PM. 

Help stop the largest ever toxic waste facility in Victoria. Click here for further details and email to Upper House MPs

City residents have joined the dots. They realise that more port expansion, more roads, more tunnels, more congestion and loss of public open space is all connected. With Brumby at the helm it’s spaghetti junction everywhere. More roads, more trucks, more port expansion in Melbourne and Hastings….. Just more, more, more.

Join our friends on Sunday 25th May to protest the land based impacts of continued expansion.  

Mornignton Peninsula residents have been alarmed to see the toxic dredge regularly turn up down south. 

Although Mr. Brumby might be just about to kick back, sip some champagne and slap a few backs, he should think again. People everywhere are still amazed at his brazen bullying demeanour while imposing his pet poisonous project – channel deepening - onto the community. And many are happy to show their anger and displeasure.

Victoria’s five leading environment groups: Environment Victoria, Australian Conservation Foundation, Friends of the Earth, The Wilderness Society and Victorian National Parks Association have today released a joint statement raising more concerns about Yarra toxins.

Time marches on, but don’t be fooled: there is a lot happening, both in the public arena and behind the scenes.

Is it worth risking the Bay to save 5 cents on our next pair of trainers? Academic Peter Turnbull ponders the issues.  

The banks of the Yarra saw an array of protestors, both human and marine, waiting to meet the the Cornelis Zanen on Friday, the day after May Day. This third dredge vessel will stir up and remove the toxic sediments. Passions were stirred likewise, and questions raised about what exactly is hidden and untested in these highly contaminated areas.

A Parliamentary Committee on Finance and Public Administration is currently having a close look at the PoMC’s business case for channel deepening, and the PoMC’s contractual arrangements with Boskalis Australia and/or their parent company Royal Boskalis Westminster NV. Let's hope they see through PoMC's scrappy plans.


The Australian Conservation Foundation claims sediment plumes from bay dredging in Victoria may be worse than predicted. See their satellite images.
A different take on recent claims by the Champions of Channel Deepening that their widely discredited project was unfairly coming under media fire 
The Legislative Council Standing Committee on Finance and Public Administration Committee is gearing up to have a close look at Channel Deepening and is inviting submissions from the public.  

Children go to Parliament against Bay dredging

The Queen of the Netherlands is heading to The Heads and so is concern for the Bay.  Don't R.I.P. the RIP. 
According to the court, Mr. Garrett ticked the boxes he was required to tick. 

News update. No decision yet from Federal Court, The Noisy Queen, and turbidity not quite how the PoMC reports it.  

Sydney Harbour is closed to fishing due to cancer causing chemicals in fish after dredging. The same could happen here warns Sydney doctor 

Greens MP Sue Pennicuik has achieved the impossible- a chance to see the contract between PoMC and Boskalis

See what the ACF has to say about the EPA and the PoMC

The Economics of Channel Deepening....... an oxymoron


Yesterday saw an unexpected change of plan for the Port Corporation.

Banners, bumper stickers, red flags and ribbons say it all. Brumby is buggered.

Blue Wedges has won the right to challenge Mr. Garrett's decision to approve the channel deepening project in a full Hearing of the Federal Court on 20th February. 
 Mr. Garrett has finally provided his reasons for the Decision he made on 20th December to approve channel deepening.

Dead dolphins on beaches of Port Phillip Bay or, worse, floating belly up into the city, could serve to end Victoria’s channel deepening project faster than any legal action taken by opponents of the project, writes Crickey.com's Lionel Elmore.

Channel deepening would unearth enough sand, rock and toxic sediment to bury the entire CBD under 23 metres of dredge material. Of that, a layer of almost 4 metres would be toxic! 
Today sees Bluewedges at the Federal to seek justice for the future of Port Phillip Bay


The Port of Melbourne Corporation wants to start dredging on 1st February, and has vessels due from 8th January. It doesn't think it should wait to hear what the Federal Court has to say! 


The Bay needs you now. Here’s what to do.

Environment Minister Garrett can decide to undertake his own inquiry into the channel deepening project. Click here for a cut and paste letter to Mr. Garrett.

What a great debate! The Greens and Liberal MP Bruce Atkinson 'gave it their all' in the debate on the 'Port Services Amendment Bill' held on Thursday evening 22 November

So far we have one brave Liberal. State Upper House MP Bruce Atkinson has spoken out about his opposition to the channel deepening project and the Port Services Amendment Bill
As the swim, scheduled for 28th October, drew nearer, a decision was taken due to bad weather predicted for the Sunday, to move it both in time and in place.
We regret to inform you that the ‘Save the Bay’ swim on the 28th October has been postponed due to anticipated adverse weather conditions forecast by the Bureau of Meteorology for Sunday 28th October.
On Monday 1st October a Joint Statement was released by a number of environment groups. It called on the Victorian State Government to stop the channel deepening project proposed for Port Phillip Bay.
Blue Wedges tells Business Age readers just how silent EPA has gone about PoMC's toxic plumes and damage to The Rip

Ex-Treasury Economist Richard McEncroe points out that VECCI is placing unjustifiable demands on our new Premier.

PoMC's tactic of presenting last minute data on long-term damage at The Entrance caused by erosion, scour and build up of mounds of mobile material in the Great Ship Channel did not work. Inquiry chair Dr. Allan Hawke has invited further submissions on this critical issue for shipping safety and changes to the Bay's ecosystems. Please take the opportunity to respond - Read on!

As the Channel Deepening Inquiry draws to a close, the Port of Melbourne Corporation reveals more than it probably wanted to.  
Not only is PoMC preparing to create a toxic dump in Port Phillip Bay, it is presiding over a toxic disaster on land. Josh Gordon, Age Reporter digs the dirty dirt on the Port.

Maribyrnong Truck Action Group reminds us that Channel Deepening effects spill over into the suburbs too.

Channel deepening economic justifications are pretty leaky according to ex Treasury Economist

The stricken bulk carrier Pasha, foundering metres from the coast of Newcastle's Nobby's Beach brings back memories of MSC Napoli foundering off Devon in January…….. It’s still being salvaged by the way.

On the same day that Australia speaks up at the International Whaling Commission in Anchorage Alaska to save Humpback whales from slaughter, we have the pleasure of seeing three Humpbacks frolicking in Port Phillip Bay!

Memories of Basil Fawlty flogging his poor old Austin Estate to death come flooding back when one thinks about Messrs Bracks, Brumby and their tired old rust bucket - Channel Deepening. The farce continues apace as Planning Panels Victoria prepares to host the Channel Deepening Directions Hearing next week (29th May).

Newport Power station owners Ecogen Energy Pty. Ltd. think protected Yarra fish are worth a fight with the Port Corporation
Melbourne's Herald Sun reports Port Philip Bay's plants, fish and birds will not be safeguarded enough from a major channel deepening project, a new report has found. 
The Port of Melbourne proposes "leading technology" for their toxic dump in Port Phillip Bay.

Alarm bells rang when we saw the recently announced appointees to the SEES Panel Hearing, but now we've had time to look at the Panel's Terms of Reference we are even more alarmed!  

A SERIES of sea calamities -- including a triple fatality -- involving the company chosen to deepen shipping channels in Port Phillip Bay and the Yarra River are a further wake up call for the people of Victoria


Economist Kenneth Davidson observes that quality of life and environmental sustainability are now the major contributors to economic growth. Whether a city is situated on a port or not now has little to do with its competitiveness. The value is added where the containers are packed and unpacked, observes Mr. Davidson. We certainly aren't going to move away just because a few containers might arrive by train rather than by ship are we - Read on!   

VECCI has long said that Blue Wedges peddles myths about the risks associated with channel deepening. Let's have a look at one of VECCI's myths. 
Age reporter Clay Lucas dredges up secrets the Port would rather have kept. See Toxic Plume may reach Docklands The Age Friday 23rd March 2007

The Age Fashion writer Maggie Alderson tells it like it is when she says "Great obscene bales of more crapola.......endless covoys of container ships toting it around the world". 

See her article here

Sunday Age's March 4th article 'Ships, not planes, new warming risk' confirms that the shipping industry is having more adverse impacts on the planet than they might care to admit or pay for. As Blue Wedges has long been advocating, it is time the real costs of the shipping industry’s polluting habits is factored into the cost-benefit analysis for the channel deepening project – an analysis which to date has been traditional, simplistic and rudimentary in its approach. 

We continue our challenge of the PoMC's business case for channel deepening in a letter in the Business section of today's edition of The Age, (Friday 2nd March).
The following Letter to the Editor from Blue Wedges President Jenny Warfe appeared in Business Age, Saturday January 20th 2007. The Age entitled it: 'Bracks can't see the Bay for the Port'

Claims that Melbourne will wither on the vine unless we go ahead with channel deepening don't ring true when huge vessels like the m.v. Australia and m.v. New York had no trouble entering the Port of Melbourne laden with goods for the recent festive season.

Rye resident Hilary Allen has had enough of this talk about dredging commencing as soon as 1st February and has decided to show Mr. Brumby and Mr. Garrett that they have made a BIG MISTAKE.

Yes - PoMC has decided that it has had enough of its stakeholder committee!

Government appointed Public Stakeholder Advisory Committee (PSAC) chairperson Terry Laidler recently advised committee members that the Port of Melbourne Corporation (PoMC) saw no further benefits in retaining PSAC. With the Supplementary Environmental Effects Statement (S-EES) due for release in early 2007, Terry reasoned that once the S-EES was released, PoMC will not be able to alter the content of the document in response to any concerns raised by the committee, so there would be little use in retaining the services of the Port's Stakeholder Committee. 

The following letter from a number of Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula doctors raises significant health concerns about state government's controversial plans for channel deepening in Port Phillip Bay and Yarra River. The letter was recently sent to the journal Melbourne's Child. The doctors wrote a a similar letter to Mr. Bracks over 12 months ago.

Port of Melbourne Corporation CEO Stephen Bradford's claims in Business Age Monday October 23rd that in the September quarter 218 container ships left Melbourne carrying less than their full capacity because of insufficient draught require much closer scrutiny.

How to Vote to STOP Channel Deepening in the Victorian State Election 2006

The Blue Wedges exhibition of Posters from a State-wide schools art competition ‘Wild About Port Phillip Bay was opened by the Kingston City Council’s Junior Mayor, Narida Ear at Mordialloc Motor Yacht Club on Saturday 26th August 2006, with over 100 people attending. Narida said how proud she was to be opening the event on behalf of so many of her fellow students.

The contentious Port Phillip Bay channel deepening project will receive further economic analysis by accounting firm PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC). The PoMC's Stakeholder Advisory committee (PSAC) was recently addressed by Mr. James Kelly Associate Director Economics of PriceWaterhouseCoopers. Mr. Kelly outlined the Terms of Reference for the study, which PWC and Department of Treasury and Finance will undertake on direct brief from Premier Bracks and Treasurer Brumby. Blue Wedges President, Jenny Warfe outlines her ongoing concerns about the inadequacy of that economic analysis to Mr. Kelly

Today sees the launch of the new Blue Wedges web site against the deepening of Melbourne's Port Phillip, Yarra River and The RIP in Victoria, Australia

Blue Wedges Invitation

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to live in a hotter Melbourne where the coastline of Port Phillip Bay was nothing like it is today and our freshwater systems have undergone significant changes you should not miss the opportunity to hear two world renowned climate and water experts, Dr. Kathleen McInnes and Dr. Graham Harris talk at the Brighton Town Hall on Thursday 15th June at 7.30 PM.
Art Competition: 'Wild About Port Phillip Bay' 
Melbourne, just like Sydney has a legacy of over one hundred years of industrial waste.  There is every likelihood that Channel Deepening will release this toxic legacy into our Bay”, says Dr Simon Roberts of Monash University.
Trial which actually caused extensive environmental damage, may be linked to the Port Phillip dolphin death, and which failed to answer many important questions. 
The Save the Bay signs on our backpacks have attracted a lot of attention from motorists with lots of toots and waves every day- the feeling against channel deepening is very strong in local communities around the Bay.

Blue Wedges spokesperson Jenny Warfe today welcomed the advice from infrastructure expert Peter Fitzgerald that the case for channel deepening is grossly overstated. “Mr. Fitzgerald’s analysis of the Drewry Report confirms our long held stance that the project is not justifiable on environmental or economic grounds” she said.

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