How can I Help?
It is not done and dusted - not by a long way.

This project can be stopped - it is outmoded, risky, and costs have sky-rocketed so much that PoMC's cost-benefit analysis is no longer valid! There is nothing in this for Victorian taxpayers- just the looming threat of permanent degradation of our priceless asset - Port Phillip Bay.

Mr. Garrett has NOT had sufficient information put before him by the PoMC to MAKE a proper decision! 

Here's what you can do:
  • Write letters to your local state and federal MP's, Premier Brumby (sample letter)
  • Federal Environment, Heritage and the Arts Minister The Hon. Peter Garrett (sample letter)
    or write you own.
  • Attend Port Corporation information sessions and tell them what you think.
  • Get involved with Blue Wedges events.
  • Talk to your friends, are they aware that the Brumby Government supports channel deepening in Port Phillip Bay and that thousands of jobs in fishing, diving tourism, eco-tourism and their support industries are under threat?
  • Download factsheet and distribute in your local area - many shops are happy to have information on their counter areas, especially health food shops, fish & chip shops, dive shops, fishing tackle shops etc
  • Fly a red ribbon from your letterbox or car aerial (red is the official colour for marine distress and is also used at BW rallies for flags, shirts etc.)
  • Ask shops if they would be happy to have 'No Channel Deepening!' bumper stickers on sale, contact us for supplies.
  • Buy a ‘No Channel Deepening!' bumper sticker for your car at any of our events or stalls - or contact us for where to get them.
  • Make 'No Channel Deepening!' 'Save the Bay' and 'Toxic dump the Bay - no Way!' banners for your front yard or upcoming events. Ask your friends with prominent properties on main roads to host a NO TOXIC DUMP or SAVE THE BAY banner in their front yard. Then get out the paint pot!
  • Make a donation to Blue Wedges:
    Online by credit card
    If you have trouble using this PayPal account, please call 1800-073-263. Local call!
    Direct Deposit
    Bendigo Bank
    Account: Blue Wedges
    BSB: 633-000
    Account No: 125738237





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