Garrett makes dud decision

Federal Environment Minister Garrett has failed a critical test on internationally important wetlands and threatened species, and relegated our national environment laws to rubber stamp status.

What Mr. Garrett has done is endorse the Port of Melbourne’s efforts to exclude the latest version of the dredge project from proper scrutiny. It’s like approving a 10 storey building when the planning permit describes a single storey one. No responsible Minister could allow that – of course a ten storey building would require a fresh approval.

Likewise, the original channel deepening referral to the Federal government was for a 2 million cubic metre dredge plan but it has morphed into a 20+ million cubic metre dredge project and we still haven’t seen the final plans or any assessment of the future maintenance dredging required to keep the channels open.

Mr. Garrett might be hard on the Japanese but he has been very soft indeed on the Port of Melbourne Corporation.

Our lawyers will need to amend the application but the case remains essentially the same and we are confident that the Federal Court will overturn Garrett’s decision.

Blue Wedges Federal Court Hearing is listed for 10th and 11th January 2008.

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