Channel deepening has turned into a huge white elephant. Costs are up 60% in only eight months, and channel deepening has turned toxic for the PoMC!

All we trust the Port of Melbourne Corporation to do is deliver us a $1 billion white elephant which is going to ruin fishing forever says John Willis, keen recreational fisherman and Blue Wedges spokesperson.

Return on investment from Channel deepening doesn’t even keep track with inflation. No-one in their right mind would write a cheque for the PoMC on that basis.   

If PoMC is let loose in our Bay pretty soon we would be attending a Commission of Inquiry as to how Mr. Garrett could have let it happen, says John.

The Bay Vigil this Tuesday night 8th January is our chance to show Mr. Garrett, Mr. Brumby and the PoMC how wrong they are. Get to a nearby beach, have fish and chips from our beautiful clean Bay with no toxic dump and say NO WAY POMC!

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