Garrett Goofs Again!

In the same week he approves the destruction of our Bay, Minister Garrett announces that Sydney's Bondi Beach will be added to the National Heritage List. Oh Dear.

Good on you Mr. Garrett for wanting to Save Bondi Beach, but really –it’s a bit rich that in the same week you can blithely tell us why you reckon Channel Deepening in our Port Phillip Bay is a goer.

Anyway, given your new interest in matters Heritage, cop this:

You have just approved the destruction of world class underwater temperate reef – the best in the world, say the divers.

You have just approved our Marine National Park at Port Phillip Heads having hundreds of tonnes of rocks dumped in it over many hectares.

You have just approved the destruction of 100 sponge species that occur nowhere else on earth, which are the subject of an emergency listing for protection under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act (Your bailiwick, Mr. G).

You have just approved the degradation of our beaches and foreshores, including our iconic St. Kilda (Luna Park nominated for heritage listing in 2007)

You have just approved the permanent degradation of Point Nepean National Park……which was placed on the National Heritage List in 2006!  

You have just approved the permanent degradation of Mud Islands in the south of the Bay, which are listed on the Register of the National Estate and are internationally significant wetlands (Ramsar list) which are under threat from increased tide heights and current speed. Even the Independent Expert Group (IEG) for the project says so.   

"What could be more Australian than Bondi Beach - the sun, the sand, lifesavers?" asked Mr. Garrett in his Media Release today.

Well we’ve got a few suggestions from down here. At least come and have a look and make up your own mind instead of dancing to the tune of Mr. Brumby and a few shady international shippers - it’s much closer than Antarctica.



The Bend Pt. Nepean. P. McConchie


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