Red Rag for Brumby

Banners, bumper stickers, red flags and ribbons say it all. Brumby is buggered.

Mr. Brumby's pear shaped plans for the Port need just a little bit more help to tip them into the drink! of Melbourne

Here's what you can do right now to sink them:

Fly a red flag on your boat or house, and a red ribbon on your car aerial


  • Get a DON'T BUGGER THE BAY bumper sticker for your car
  • Wear Red whenever you can and make sure people know why (Red is the colour of Marine Distress)
  • Keep writing those great Letters to Editors of the daily and local papers
  • Keep up the emails to Mr. Garrett at  He is yet to approve the Environmental Management Plan and says he is several days away from doing so. Tell him that he should instead revoke his decision to approve channel deepening, which he is able to do under s146 of the EPBC Act.

And best of all: Join the throng of people who are already displaying one or more of the great banners below (1.2 metres x 700mm). 

Adorn your home, your fence, your boatshed or your truck, and educate the passing public with some of these messages to Mr. G and Mr. B. 




Write to to arrange pick-up of your banners and bumper stickers. 

Thanks for all your great support. 


Blue Wedges Editor 



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