Family Walk to Save the Bay

Bellarine Sea Star are holding a FAMILY walk to save the Bay on Sat 16th at 11:30am.
Starting in Queenscliff under the lighthouse. (at the end of Hesse st).

It is chance for  the community from all round Geelong and Bellarine to rally together and get involved.

This great walk is  being organised by KACD  (Kids Against Channel Deepening) Who are so enthusiastic and animate to STOP THE  DREADED   DREDGE

The kids are asking  young and old to bring all their family, and pets, dress up and wear  RED, the distress colour of the bay and Mariners

This is what Josiah and Isobel from Kids Against Channel  Deepening  said

"We want other kids to know they can stand up and tell the truth and havea say.

Govt and Port Of Melbourne don't own the bay, it belongs to all of us.

We are asking kids and their families to help.

We are asking kids to put red banners in their front gardens with "save the bay" and Stop the Dredge"

Andto all the shops to put up red balloons and posters. "

-"Kids need a voice they cant expect the adults to do everything"

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