Sink the dredge with economics

The Legislative Council Standing Committee on Finance and Public Administration Committee is gearing up to have a close look at Channel Deepening and is inviting submissions from the public.  

The Committee will be reporting to the Legislative Council by 30th June. Let's hope the PoMC's economic case gets the kicking it deserves, then Boskalis and their Queen should be on their way back to the Netherlands soon after. This is our opportunity to save the Bay from what Mr. Brumby is quite prepared to subject it to – including a toxic dump - for what exactly?


The committee’s Terms of Reference are to examine:


  • The business case for the project as presented by the PoMC and the Victorian government
  • The legal and financial arrangements between the PoMC and Boskalis Australia Ltd and/or its parent company, Royal Boskalis Westminster NV.

and is inviting written submission from any interested individuals or organisations.  


This opportunity has come about thanks to Greens MLC Sue Pennicuik whose motion in the Upper House was supported by the Liberals, Nationals and the DLP member. 


Please make a submission by 28th April if you are able. For those without an economic or accounting bent, considerable economic analysis is available on our website, especially in the Economics chapter of our submission to the SEES. See SEES tab at, or the brief and informative economic analysis undertaken by Economists@Large on behalf of the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) of interest at:


Whilst you’re there, have a look at the ACF’s critique of the PoMC’s Environment Management Plan at:


Note sections coloured red are rated as inadequate or non existent, Yellow is Limited, and Green is best practice. The ACF rates the vast majority of the PoMC’s EMP in the RED - inadequate or non-existent.


Now, cast your minds back to the rhetoric of the PoMC that the project is being guided by a World’s Best Practice EMP etc. etc……. If that EMP fails to protect the Bay, (and given ACF's assessment, it's odds on that it will) the community is up for even more costs to rehabilitate the Bay and more losses to businesses - pushing the already dubious economic case even further into the red. 


Just to really get you in the mood to dismantle PoMC’s business case for the Bay, have a look at some of Royal Boskalis’ recent history in our Media Release from 2007 at:,cntnt01,detail,0&cntnt01articleid=76&cntnt01returnid=66


Do we really think the PoMC’s “Best Practice” EMP can protect the Bay from Boskalis?


Your support in writing even a very brief a submission will as always be greatly appreciated.


Send your submissions to:


The Secretary

Standing Committee on Finance and Public Administration

Legislative Council

Parliament of Victoria

Spring St.

Melbourne 3000

Ph 9651 8696


This is also an opportunity to thank those MLCs who supported Ms. Pennicuik's motion and encourage them to continue to speak out about the crumbling economic case for channel deepening.  Why not send a copy of your submission to your local MLC and MLA MP whilst you are at it? Thank them or can them depending on their party allegiance. See your MP’s contact details at


If you wish you can also given an oral presentation to the committee, by advising that in your written submission.



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