Mr. Brumby, and his mate Planning Minister Madden, the state “developers”, are making people as mad as hell!

On SUNDAY 6TH JULY join over 120 resident groups from city and country who have had enough of Mr. Brumby’s vision for Melbourne……which translates to more of everything. More high-rise, more shops, more high density housing, more trucks, more traffic congestion, more ships…… you name it he wants it!


But – the residents of town and country don’t want what Mr. Brumby wants. They say “We are as mad as hell and we are not going to take this any more. No more stripping away of our appeal rights. No to stripping away Councils’ planning powers.”


Join us at 2.30PM CLOCKTOWER TOWN HALL 750 MT ALEXANDER ROAD MOONEE VALLEY (Mel 28 J6). Show the Brumby government you care, but not for what they are doing! Politicians, Academics, Activists will address the meeting.


Mr. Brumby and Mr. Madden just don't let up - they are steam-rolling community wishes on land and water developments. Don't forget that Mr. Madden was also responsible for the draconian Terms of Reference for the Channel Deepening SEES - which removed the publics' rights to cross examine witnesses and limited the duration of the hearings. His actions were widely criticised by senior legal figures as a denial of fundamental fact-finding and unprecedented in Victoria's planning history. Not a good sign for future planning issues is it!  


Hear just how widespread the dissatisfaction is with Mr. Brumby and his team of developers.


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