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Did you know that from the 1940's to the 1960's uranium was shipped into and out of Port Melbourne? 

Radio 3CR’s Radioactive Show has delved into how the Port of Melbourne Corporation avoided testing Yarra sediments for radionuclides, in spite of a long  history of Uranium processing at the then CSIRO research laboratories at 506 Lorimer Port Melbourne adjacent to the Yarra.


Did you know that at from the 1940's to the 1960's uranium from Rum Jungle and Radium Hill was shipped to this site, and unloaded at the adjacent dock for reprocessing and experimentation? No? You are not alone. Time to find out.......

Hear a first hand account from an ex-CSIRO employee who worked at the 506 Lorimer st, Port Melbourne site adjacent to the Yarra in the 1980’s before the site was “decontaminated”. Uranium reprocessing occurred from 1941-1965. Reports from the Australian Radiation Laboratory(ARL) and Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation(ANSTO) which document the contamination of the site are discussed. Where were these documents when the environmental impacts of the Dredging of Port Phillip Bay project were being assessed? We also hear from Neil Blake from The Blue Wedges Coalition.

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Also check out Blue Wedges News item Yarra Radioactive Risk not assessed from 20/08/08 for more details on site contamination, links to reports etc.


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