Murky reason for advertising campaign now clearer

Now we understand why the PoMC's glossy advertising campaign has been everywhere for the last few weeks.

On Monday 22nd December, PoMC announced that a third dredge- the Prins of the Netherlands will join the enlarged Queen of the Netherlands and the Cornelis Zanen, in the Bay during 2009. PoMC claims that it is so they can get the project finished sooner – their estimate being end of August 2009. However reading the fine print reveals that dredging in the North will still continue until December 2009, the original estimated finishing time. And- PoMC is paying an additional $8.7 million for the “luxury” of having a third mega dredge working away ripping up the seabed. Given that there has always been a fixed volume of spoil to be removed, and we understand that the original price was estimated on $ per m3 ,why PoMC is paying another cent to Boskalis, let alone another $8.7 million……on a falling market what’s curious isn't it?


Perhaps it is because the global meltdown has left the Prins of the Netherlands without another job to go to, so it’s “come on down” to Melbourne?

Wouldn’t you think PoMC would be doing a greater service to the community by spending even a fraction of that $8.7 million on testing the Yarra sediments and the northern dumping ground for radionuclides and dioxins? We have been asking for six months now to at least to show us the studies they are relying on to exclude the need to do the testing. No results so far……. but there has been plenty of advertising telling us how responsible they are.

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