Beaches on the slide

One cm increase in water levels can mean up to 1 metre inundation on flat land!

Because dredging has enlarged the Entrance, we now have more water flowing in and out of the Bay on every tide, and according to the PoMC, a 1 cm increase in tide heights. We guess PoMC is hoping the populace will think that 1 cm is nothing, and they have certainly been careful to avoid talking about the reality that 1 cm increase in water level means a lot more inundation on low lying land, where 1 cm increase in height can mean up to 1 metre inundation on flat land. (Bruun Rule). Along with mounting evidence that global warming is happening faster than predicted, there’s plenty of evidence that coastal erosion might be speeding up too …..and that it might have been sped up even more by the deliberate and swift increase in water levels inside the Bay imposed on us by Mr. Brumby’s channel deepening.

Dromana/McCrae Beach 27th July 2009


We have heard that since dredging the Entrance, the beacon at the surf break nearby took on a lean, and a couple of months back completely toppled over into the sea. And, beachgoers from Portsea to St. Kilda and around to Queenscliff are noticing significant changes in beach profiles, and what appears to be even more erosion than usual for this time of year.

Near Rosebud pier 26th June 2009

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