More beaches on the slide

Recently the rate of erosion and changes to beach profile are unprecedented. 
Our webmail is getting plenty of reports about unprecedented coastal erosion and inundation on the Mornington Peninsula, and a letter to The Age on 29th August detailed substantial erosion to foreshores along the Bellarine Peninsula since dredging the of Entrance.
The writer states that some houses in Portarlington have flooded twice this year, while parts of The Esplanade are frequently under water. A St Leonards resident has reported at least 15 metres of land had been washed away from the foreshore across from his property.

Land disappearing into the sea Indented Head July 2009 Image: P. Cowden

ABC TV Stateline on 21st August briefly covered the erosion issue in its story about the departure of the Queen. Office of Environmental Monitor chair Mick Bourke responded, stating that erosion was a natural phenomenon around the Bay. He opined that since dredging started people are taking more interest in the Bay. This, he explained, is why his office is receiving more reports from the community, and these incidents are in his view merely naturally occurring events. 
Unusually high water and sand bar The Rocks Dromana June 2009
Photo: S. Wirthensohn
No beach near Portsea pub. Vegetation falling into sea.
Try stepping into a boat here. Portsea pier low landing under 60 cm of water - now a regular occurrence
Photos: L. Salter 25th August 2009

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