Coastline damage cranks up

Reports of dramatic and sudden changes to beaches and coastline are rolling in....Here's some of the recent pics we have been sent.

1. Blairgowrie Marina wave attenuating wall has taken a battering. Two of the enormous concrete blocks which make up the wave attenuating wall broke open, spreading polystyrene reportedly as far as Safety Beach.

Two of the blocks awaiting repair on the Marina apron 20 October 2009  
2. Portsea locals report a significant increase in the swell, dramatic changes to the beach and coastal vegetation falling into the sea.  

Not much beach left, and trees in front of Portsea pub succumb to the sea August 09.

3. At Safety Beach, cliffs are being undermined and seaweed clogs the beach.

Seaweed galore. Note recent slumping of cliff at centre of image 18 Oct 09 

If you have seen sudden changes to your local beach or foreshore, please send a description and ideally some pictures to



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