Join the dots on Climate Change

You must have joined the dots by now……. We are stoking the fire on climate change!
Yes, yes.... we know we need shipping, but how big do they need to be and how many do we really need belching pollution right into the middle of our city? And what’s the real cost to the natural world? 

Apart from no big ships turning up, risking the health of the Bay for zero sum gain, Mr. Brumby’s dreams for more and bigger ships in the Bay means more and bigger trucks on our roads, bringing more stuff to our shops for us to stuff into our houses before we throw it out and start all over again. This means more coal, more oil, and more water to produce and transport the stuff we purchase in our consumption binge. How long can we survive doing that?


A nasty reminder. High Courage in Port of Melbourne May 2008

Image: P. Crotty

We urgently need to sort out a different way forward for our cities and towns, our state, our nation, our Bays and oceans and our world.
So - if you care about the planet, and all the creatures on it, you’ll want to get involved in this event:
12 NOON Saturday 12/12/09 - State Library
This year, we’re sending a safe climate message to the world. Are you in?
This December, our world leaders are gathering to decide how much they’re prepared to do about climate change.
Join thousands of Victorian individuals and families concerned about climate change at this year’s Walk Against Warming, and help us form a massive human sign on Princes Bridge –  a sign so big they’ll get our safe climate message all the way over in Copenhagen.
The Walk Against Warming is Australia’s biggest day of community action on climate change.  Similar Walks will be happening across the country, and across globe as communities everywhere come together to tell their leaders they want action for a safe climate. 
So get your community, family, kids, friends and everyone else you know all together... and get them to Walk Against Warming on December 12! 
Help us make Melbourne's Walk Against Warming HUGE...
RSVP right now:    To get involved contact:

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