Art Show: Introducing Our Judges!

Our Art Competition judging will soon be underway, and the title "Wild About Port Phillip Bay" leads us to appreciate the beauty of Victoria's natural heritage while at the same time resolving to protect it for future generations from threats such as those posed currently by Channel Deepening. Our three interesting and experienced judges will be embracing this in their decision-making. Meet them here...


Excitement is mounting as over 200 entries have been received and preparations are being made for the opening and judging of our art competition. Who knows whether a wild and delicate beauty such as the Weedy Seadragon will feature as a model? Victoria’s marine emblem is a local resident in the Bay, especially liking the seagrass habitats of the southern part, around Rye.




To judge such a competition is no mean feat. The criteria on which the judges will base their decision take into account the quality of the work in each age group, but also the message which the poster/art piece conveys about the title: Wild About Port Phillip.

The title itself can be interpreted in several ways – three at least might occur to you as you ponder on this treasure we have in Victoria. (Why is there a need to invent a Melbourne icon?  It is right in our midst.)


We wish the judges well as they embark on this possibly difficult but certainly pleasant task.


Our three judges are all well known in art and education circles and bring together a wealth and variety of experience and expertise. Here are some details about each one to introduce them to you.


Craig Forster. Craig grew up in country Victoria and studied teaching as well as continuing his studies in Fine Arts and Sculpture. He has taught over many years in Melbourne and Canberra. He has been a resident of the Mornington Peninsula for over twenty years, and can be found in his permanent studio Gallery of the Field in Mt Eliza.(  While continuing his exploration in art of the beauty of the Peninsula, Craig is also involved in a wide range of community and environmental initiatives and projects.


Julianna Turcu. Julianna is well known in Romania as a sculptor and knitting designer. She has sculptures in public open spaces and institutions throughout Romania, and was a former teacher and curator of the Contemporary Arts Museum of Romania. She now lives in Melbourne, close to Port Phillip Bay, drawing new inspiration from its natural beauty.


Diane Hamilton. Diane has a rich background in art and education, and much experience in assessing VCE Visual Art. She has a great gift for drawing out the most amazing work from some most unlikely student “raw material”. Her own words will complete the story:


“Through my art, I am showing the way I feel about the world around me.  I have been teaching art, studio art and graphics in Australia for 25 years. Throughout my career I have learnt to expend my creativity by observing the way nature displays herself and the different imaginative ways my students portrayed what they observed.  I am also teaching painting and drawing at the  Council for Adult Education in Melbourne and enjoying the interaction of ideas and personalities while working with adults. 

While achieving a Bachelor of Arts degree in Visual communication and design in the U.S.A., I have developed my technical skills and acquired individual expression and coordination of my ideas.  I enjoy painting with many different mediums and drawing with coloured pencils and pastels.

I am a member of THE AUSTRALIAN GUILD OF REALIST ARTISTS and vary my artwork from abstraction, fantasy, stylized to realism. I am passionate about my art work and spend many hours in my studio at home doing the art work that I love.

Because of the many social and economic problems of the world, it is healthy to encourage the public, children to adults, to use their imaginations to put these problems aside for a short time and enjoy the stimulation of a visual experience of art.”


It seems that with these three judges, we are in good hands.

Philippa Rayment. Philippa is our behind-the-scenes  motivator. She is well known  in the Bayside area for her own art and for her tireless involvement in a range of community issues. Her assistance and involvement have proved invaluable in this and other Art exhibitions.

Philippa has some interesting things to say about her beginnings in art and her own philosophy, which speak also about the factors which influence the education of children:

“I did correspondence schooling up to the age of 11 years and I was always encouraged by that school to illustrate every page of my work be it mathematics or whatever else.

I always enjoy the company of children.  I worked with Girl Guides years ago when I lived in country NSW and spend a lot of time with my grandchildren here in Melbourne  We have spent many hours at weekends painting and drawing on or around the beach hut at Aspendale. Children are very creative - the freshness of their thinking is evident in their paintings and drawings.  It is a wonderful way of bringing them into direct contact with our environment.

As adults I feel that drawing and painting can recapture the child in us – the freshness, the naivety which can be expressed in illustrating one's thoughts, is often lost underneath the weight of the cares and notions of our everyday living”







MORDIALLOC:           Saturday 26th August through to Thursday 31st August    12pm - 6pm    Mordialloc Yacht Club 

 Opening at 3pm Saturday 26th August


GASWORKS PARK:   Tuesday 5th September through to Sunday 24th September  9am - 5pm   Gasworks Park, Albert Park 

Opening and Presentation of Prizes at 6-8pm Tuesday 5th September








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