Big ship NOT!

This "big" ship is just another PR puff piece! 

Brumby and Pallas yesterday (24/3/10) excitedly welcomed the first “big” ship Xin Yan Tai since channel deepening has been completed. A visitor we could not have had without channel deepening they proclaimed  “At her current capacity the ship could not have visited Melbourne before, as the port was previously constrained to a draught of 11.6 metres...” said Mr. Pallas – without actually telling us what depth it was drawing when it pulled into Melbourne.
So, can Brumby or Pallas explain why live ship data website, Marine ( (See data taken from the site below) shows Xin Yan Tai’s current voyage data into Melbourne as having a draught of 10.1 metres?
And- according to data from the same source, when it left Melbourne on 26th March, it also drew 10.1 metres.
Hmmmm. It’s pretty obvious Xin Yan Tai wasn’t fully loaded, contrary to what Messrs. Brumby and Pallas would have us believe. It’s usual for vessels to unload at other ports along their route, as this one did at Botany. This story is just another puff piece generated for the PoMC (by their PR company CPR) to justify the Port’s over-priced, underutilized, outmoded piece of infrastructure.
Channel Deepening was completed months ago and this is the first “big” ship! At this rate, we will NEVER break even on our ~$1 Billion investment in dredging.   
And, how many of the ship's containers were empty? .......given that our largest export is now empty containers (yes that is a fact*), and Todd Road/ Westgate Freeway area is fast becoming engulfed in taller and taller stacks of empty containers. Nobody wants them.
*Waterline, Journal of Australian Government Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics Vol 46 November 2009, Page 45: around 50% of export containers were empty!
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Vessel's Details
Ship Type: Cargo
Year Built: 2005
Length x Breadth: 280 m X 40 m
DeadWeight: 69303 t
Speed recorded (Max / Average): 21.5 / 16.1 knots
Flag: China [CN] 
Call Sign: BPBF
IMO: 9304801, MMSI: 413125000

Last Position Received
Area: Australia
Latitude / Longitude: -37.811Ëš / 144.9128Ëš (Map)
Currently in Port: MELBOURNE
Last Known Port: MELBOURNE
Info Received: 0d 0h 22min 40s ago
Current Vessel's Track
Itineraries History

Voyage Related Info (Last Received)
Draught: 10.1 m
Destination: MELBOURNE
ETA: 2010-03-23 18:00
Info Received: 2010-03-24 20:02 (0d, 0h 50min 58s ago)

Recent Port Calls:
Arrival (LT)
Departure (LT)
2010-03-23 21:50
2010-03-22 14:32

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