Sixteen groups ask Brumby and Baillieu to save Westernport

Blue Wedges joins 15 other National and local groups in calling for a halt to government's ill-conceived Port of Hastings expansion plans
Our joint statement stresses the need for an urgent and comprehensive assessment of Westernport's values and threats. We call on the Brumby Government and Baillieu Coalition Opposition to commit to:
·         Halting plans to expand the Port of Hastings due to the unacceptable risk it would pose to the environmental, health and recreational values of Westernport.
·         Conducting a comprehensive, independent, science-based assessment to update information on the ecological values of Westernport, the threats to these values, and the way in which these values can be protected so that Westernport and its catchment can be used in an ecologically sustainable way.
·         Comprehensive modelling of oil spill risk and dispersal -as shipping volumes in Westernport could increase tenfold or more if port expansion plans eventuate.

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