Pallas now "deconstructing" the Nation?

March 4th 2011. We were amazed this week to hear Tim Pallas (previously the Minister for Ports and now Opposition spokesperson for Ports) is now sounding the alarm on how costly it might be to develop the Port of Hastings.

Mr. Pallas warns us it would cost $9.4 billion to develop Hastings Port, suggesting that it may not be money well spent……..Mind you he was singing from a different song book when as Minister for Ports he visited Hastings in 2009 to launch his Port Strategy – we were there - to hear his “vision” for a “green” port ….whatever that is. See: and although he didn’t actually name a $ amount for his vision back then, it involved about the same amount of road, rail and portside works as he is now warning would be a $9.4 billion folly.

This 2008 image of Mr. Pallas from the Department of Transport was entitled Rebuiding the Nation......

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