What used to be Portsea beach

Ever since dredging enlarged the entrance to the Bay, ocean swell has pounded in through The Heads and Portsea beach has been on the slide. It’s still happening.
The government appointed “independent” Office of Environmental Monitor has stated that they are satisfied that dredging is not the cause of Portsea beach disappearing. The OEM claims that there is insufficient data to support any link between dredging and Portsea beach disappearing. OK ……so surely then that means there is insufficient data to support their claim that the disappearing beach is NOT linked to dredging? 
What Portsea beach? Mid tide May 30th 2011.
Photo J. Quirk
During a community update in October last year, the Department of Sustainability and Environment, DSE, who are responsible for the construction of the sandbag wall and dumping of sand on the shoreline (at an estimated taxpayer funded cost of over $2million), stated they were proud of their work and estimated the sandbag creation should last 20 years. Almost as soon as it was finished though it started to slump and break apart, and is now collapsing back into the sea.  Oh dear.

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