Help shape the future of Westernport

September 2014

We need your help to save Westernport Bay from the dinosuars who want massive port expansion including brown coal exports from LaTrobe Valley to China and India being part of the business case for the project.

Imagine living near that, and the impacts on all other species reliant on the Bay and its hinterland. Surely there is a better scenario that that?

Indeed there is. Scenario Planning, a relatively new concept, was introduced at a recent week long workshop on Phillip Island hosted by VNPA and local group Preserve Western Port which several of our supporters attended. ANU academics Dr. Robert Costanza (1) Chair Crawford School of Public Policy ANU, and Dr. Ida Kubiszewski led the group through Scenario Planning, and by the end of the week we had four very different scenarios for the region.

The next step is for the wider public to give their opinion on the different futures the workshop participants envisaged for Westernport. Here is where you can help.

Read the four different scenarios at then take the survey at the bottom of that page.

Once survey results have been collated we will let you know the outcome.

Then keep in touch with the issue via VNPA or Preserve Westernport Facebook.

Sunrise from Cowes ©J. Warfe

Long live beautiful Westernport!

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