Please not another crazy idea!

November 16th 2014

A bunch of expert consultants is either having a joke, or have produced a very provocative pre-election Blue Wedgie ....

.....designed to have us reeling back in horror and thinking the Liberals plan to turn Westernport into a mega container port may not sound so bad after all.

See Werribee South market gardens best site for Bay West port, study finds The Age of 15th November at

It is mind blowing. These experts are proposing 32 million cubic metres of dredging for a channel into Werribee South AND another 25 million cubic metres of dredging at The Heads.

The proposed 25 million cubic metres dredging at The Heads is more than 45 times what was removed from The Heads during the Channel Deepening project. The entire CD project removed approx. 23 million cubic metres from The Heads, the north and south of the Bay and Yarra River in almost 2 years of dredging.

If you do not believe us check with the Port of Melbourne Corporation at:

Aside from a few departmental and Port of Melbourne operatives, is there anyone who does not accept that removing the (mere) 0.55 million cubic metres of rock and reef at the Heads has had devastating impacts on beaches around Pt. Nepean and especially Portsea?

Since dredging at The Heads ended in 2009, taxpayers have spent millions of dollars trying to retain some beach at Portsea. It has not worked. If this latest environmental folly ever got legs, expect to lose many more beaches, ocean conditions and storm surges inside the Bay and millions more taxpayers funds down the tube.

Of course we say neither Westernport nor the Western shoreline of Port Phillip Bay should be offered up for another port folly. If we have to do that much environmental damage to keep an economy afloat, surely it is time to start questioning the economic model and our addiction to growth?

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