Port talks to no-one

Port of Melbourne Corporation's current round of 'information sessions' are a giant flop with more staff than public in attendance.


PoMC has conducted two "information sessions" in Rosebud and Frankston during this week (23-27 April) with only a dozen or so members of the public at each two hour event. Two sessions in Chelsea and Williamstown in the previous week were also poorly attended. "So few people are turning up for the Port's current round of 'information sessions' it seems the Port has either failed to properly advertise their travelling road show or people are sick of hearing any more spin from the PoMC" says Ms. Warfe.  


Attendees who spoke with us said they found the Port's style intimidating and slick, and they had not been convinced by the information presented to them. "There was a pervasive sense that the Port's operatives were telling the public what was going to happen to them, the Bay and perhaps their livelihoods - and really were not interested in hearing what the public had to say" said Ms. Warfe.


The lack of interest in attending Port functions contrasts with recent Blue Wedges Channel Deepening information evenings, where around 150 concerned fishermen attended a Blue Wedges event on Monday 16th April at Beaumaris Motor Yacht Squadron, and an almost impromptu information evening on Monday evening 23rd April at Mornington Library where around 40 members of the public turned up. 


That suggests to us that people are interested in discussion, idea and information sharing, and an alternative view. They realise that the PoMC's events are carefully stage managed, and the "information" presented is really just a glossy version of the Port Corporation's business plan for the future and an ambit claim for control of the Bay. "We are all sick of hearing that. We want to discuss the wider implications of such a massive onslaught to the Bay, and bigger issues for the future of Victoria than just the destiny of the Port Corporation" says Ms. Warfe 







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