Penguins plan to poo on Planning Minister

On Monday morning, June 18th, a pair of penguins and their friends and supporters will gather outside the offices of the Department of Sustainability and Environment with the intention of pooing on the Planning Minister, Justin Madden.




Monday June 18th marks the start of the Panel Inquiry into Victoria’s channel deepening Supplementary Environment Effects Statement. The hearings will be conducted in the Department’s building, at 8 Nicholson St. East Melbourne where the Planning Minister also has his office.


Mr. Madden, according to the penguins, is trying to rush the channel deepening project through the planning process and circumvent open inquiry.


The Planning Minister has disallowed cross-examination during the hearings, and shortened the process to the point that the Inquiry members will find it difficult to properly assess the project. Neither the public nor parties to proceedings are allowed to ask questions during the Inquiry, except by written request through the Chairman. No members of the previous panel hearing, as experienced and well informed as they are, were called to sit on the Inquiry for the Supplementary Environment Effects Statement. The Minister has refused to negotiate on these issues.


The penguins are extremely concerned that the Planning Minister might allow the Port of Melbourne Corporation to dredge up millions of tonnes of contaminated sediment currently sitting on the bottom of the Yarra Estuary. This is likely to interfere with the breeding of Anchovies, which is the penguin’s favourite meal. The filthy plumes from the dredging will also make it hard for the penguins to catch anchovies and other fish in their feeding grounds in Hobsons Bay.


The penguins are also upset by the Port of Melbourne Corporation’s plans to dump all this toxic material in the bay, at the northern spoil ground, in a flimsy walled enclosure where it will continue to pollute the bay.


An EPA advisory issued earlier this year recommended reduced human consumption of fish from the Maribyrnong River and Yarra estuary due to bio-accumulated contaminants.


The penguins hope to present the Planning Minister with a penguin poo petition calling for the toxic waste not to be dumped in their Bay. A spokes-penguin said "Penguins are very civilized. We won’t actually poo on the Minister at this stage. It will be a symbolic gesture in the hope that he will learn to respect all species, including his own kind."


Two major spokes-penguins, Poisoned of Port Melbourne and Sickened of St. Kilda will be in charge of the petition on Monday. Eliminated of Elwood and Cactus of Coode Island will do their best to be there.


The penguins are supported by Blue Wedges Coalition, Earthcare St Kilda, and Bellarine Sea Star.


Address of Penguin protest: 8 Nicholson Street, East Melbourne (cnr Nicholson St and Victoria Pde – opp. St Vincent’s hospital)


Time: 9 am Monday 18th June

Send an email to if you would like us to pass on your support to the Penguins, or if you would like further details from them.

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