“Swimmers’ health will be put at risk if the project goes ahead”, says Dr Jo Samuel-King. “These risks include up to 10 swimmers developing a major illness such as cancer and 100 swimmers developing a minor illness as a direct result as swimming in the toxic plume.  This is the estimate that the proponent gives.  It may be that many, many more people will be affected”.


“All these people becoming ill as a result of the project is defined as a “minor” impact by the proponents of the project.  It is a definition that is not accepted public health practice”. 


“The toxic plume from the project will be massive. Blue Wedges believes the proponent has not properly factored in the natural summer currents that take water from the Yarra around the Eastern edge of the Bay.  They also haven’t properly accounted for the fact that the smallest particles are the most contaminated, travel the furthest and stay in the water the longest.


It looks as if the toxic plume will extend from Altona, possibly as far as Ricketts Point and will be present for weeks to months during next summer and the following.  Almost half a million people visit these  beaches each summer and their health is being put at risk”.


“We are looking at disturbing a huge volume (at least 2.6 million tonnes) of toxic sediment.  The safest thing to do is to leave it there where it is locked away undisturbed”, according to public health analyst, Dr Lindsay Swinden. 


Press conference, 1pm Monday 16th July, Outside Planning Panels Victoria, 8 Nicholson Street, East Melbourne.


Contacts: Jo Samuel-King 0406528874

Dr. Jo Samuel-King and Mr. Mardon will be presenting this new data to the SEES Channel Deepening Inquiry this Monday 16th July from 2 – 4.30 pm.

Dr. Lindsay Swinden will also appear as an Expert Witness for Blue Wedges. Be there.



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