SMALL NUMBERS YIELD BIG SHOCKS. Will Channel Deepening make us sick?  Press conference 1pm Monday 16th July outside Planning Panels Victoria 8 Nicholson St. East Melbourne



Will Channel Deepening make us sick? The Port of Melbourne Corporation (PoMC) says no. Blue Wedges says don’t be so sure. In fact, beware.


“Fish and shellfish from the Yarra and north of the Bay may well be unsafe to eat if the Channel Deepening Project goes ahead” according to Dr Jo Samuel-King from Blue Wedges.


“Compounds hundreds of times over acceptable limits and linked to cancer have emerged once big tables with lots of small number have been added up.”


Exposed by retired chemical engineer, this data is explosive.  “Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) in shellfish are predicted to be hundreds of times over the United States EPA Screening Values”, Chris Mardon reveals.


“There is no Australian screening value for PAH’s, so reliance on the USEPA standard is prudent. Aside from the alarming levels in mussels, PAH’s were found to be tens of times above the USEPA limit in the mullet, snapper and flathead tested from the Yarra and north of the Bay”.


“All fish species assessed and shellfish from the Yarra and nearby areas are predicted to have high levels of PAHs, Dieldrin and DDT.  Flathead predictions also include high PCB levels.” says Chris Mardon.  "The data has left out other toxic compounds that should have been examined, including dioxins and most heavy metals.  This is a major concern”. 


“PAHs are very toxic, with moderate to high long-term toxicity to humans and sea life. Many chemicals in this group are recognized as probable human carcinogens (cancer causing agents) and bio-magnify in the food chain. As for the others, a range of unwanted health consequences is associated with each one.” according to Dr Lindsay Swinden, public health analyst.  “The safest thing to do is leave these toxins where they are, undisturbed”. 


Press conference, 1.00pm Monday 16th July, Outside Planning Panels Victoria, 8 Nicholson Street, East Melbourne.




Dr. Jo Samuel-King 0406528874

Dr. Jo Samuel-King and Mr. Mardon will be presenting this new data to the SEES Channel Deepening Inquiry this Monday 16th July from 2 – 4.30 pm. Dr. Lindsay Swinden will also appear as an Expert Witness for Blue Wedges. Be there.



Blue Wedges full submission runs from 10 AM Monday 16th through to COB on Tuesday 17th July




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